Back to blogging


I have been kicked off my blog near the beginning of this year when google did something to blogs. LOL I’m tech impaired in spite of my DS’s capability (he works for Microsoft in Seattle). So I finally gave in and used some advice from friends on a quilting site I belong to (Pat Sloan’s Forum). One of them said just start a new blog. So here I am starting a new blog. Sad though, because I apparently can’t reach my old posts or photos. Sigh.

So here I am starting over and at my age. I quilt for my sanity. I love quilting and nearly everything about it. I have been trying to maintain a fabric diet this year. I slipped last week because of great sale prices going on different sites right now. I guess they have to rid themselves of older inventory as quilt market approaches.

Currently I’m trying to finish DS’s wedding quilt which has a long history. He is getting married 7-19 in Boston. I’ll be there. Hope my friends will follow me here.